Community Support Continues to Grow as Over 70 Religious and Community Leaders Rebuke Sawant’s Actions – Call For YES Vote on December 7th Recall

Joint Statement from the Jewish, Black, and Asian Communities

“Justice, justice you shall pursue” – Deuteronomy 16:20

Religious and community leaders from across Seattle today joined together in support of the Recall Sawant campaign, issuing the following statement:

Today, we want to make something emphatically clear: Councilmember Kshama Sawant does not speak for us, nor our communities. Only we can do that, and only we should do that.

In making this statement, we encourage District 3 voters to support the Recall of Councilmember Kshama Sawant.

We have not come to this recommendation lightly. We practice and teach acceptance and forgiveness. But District 3 voters ought to be aware of Sawant’s long history of attacking our communities and hi-jacking our efforts.

Sawant regularly trades in rhetoric that gives rise to antisemitism, resulting in violence and hatred directed at the Jewish community. She has also stoked chaos in the black community and sought to hijack the efforts of Black Lives Matter organizers to promote her own political agenda. These behaviors have been well documented by news coverage and amount to a record that we simply cannot condone or support.

Kshama Sawant has consistently sought to exploit and politicize the painful circumstances of our communities for her own personal gain. These craven behaviors do nothing more than to further divide us as people and contribute to the incitement and spreading of hate.

The Seattle Asian community has repeatedly attempted to bring concerns to Councilmember Sawant regarding the loss of vibrancy in the International District resulting from the cities lax attitude toward crime in the district.

Sawant refuses to advocate for the Asian community because she falsely equates crime with poverty and exploits our problems for political gain. Small businesses are still recovering from damage sustained during riots where so many businesses experienced violent property damage and looting – much of which she encouraged.

Sawant appropriates the cultural identity of the Asian community for political gain and gamesmanship – but turns her back on the community’s needs. That is why we support the recall of Kshama Sawant.

Our communities support the recall of Kshama Sawant because she admitted to guilt in using city resources to support a ballot initiative and failed to comply with public disclosure requirement related to this support; she disobeyed state orders related to Covid 19 by admitting hundreds of people into City Hall on June 9th of 2020 when it was closed, endangering public workers; and, she led a protest to Mayor Jenny Durkan’s, the location which Sawant knows is protected under state confidentiality laws.

As the Seattle Times recently said in their endorsement of the Recall – “Voters should hold Sawant accountable for transgressions against civil governance and remove her from office”.

These are not characteristics of those who should be trusted to lead our people, and why we cannot support Sawant remaining in office.

Rabbi Jacob Herber

Benjamin Pollock

Bill Hochberg

Michael Spektor

Rev. Dr. Hariett Walden

Rabbi James Mirel

Nevet Basker

Murray Lee

Paul Burstein

Pastor Harvey Drake

Rabbi Daniel A. Wiener

Eileen Glasser Wesley

Jon Bridge

Victoria Beach

Benjamin Lee – Chairman of Hong Kong- Greater China Business Association of Washington Robert Yeh- Principal of Westland Associates
Faye Hong – Senior Chairman of Hop Sing Association
Felicity Wang – President of North American Mazu Culture Exchange Association
James Wong – CEO of Vibrant Cities
Julie Weeks – International student exchange foundation founder and Vice-president of Seattle Kaohsiung Sister City Association
Ming Xiao – President of Guangzhou Association
Mipo Seto – President of Global Federation of Chinese Businesswomen
Shiao-Yen Wu – President of Seattle-Kaohsiung Sister City Association and
Leadership Foundation
Tony Au – President of Friends of Gee How Oak Tin Family

Alex Hang
Anh Dao
Annie Ma
Anthony Ma
Carol Leong
Christopher Hoang
Cindy Li
Edison Wong
Hin Fai Mak
Hsin Hsin Hsu
Jack To
Jason Allison
Jay Ago
Jay Lin
Jimmy Leung
Joe Zhang

Johnny Nguyen
Lawson Wong
Linda Hwang
Leo Zhao
Martin Lau
Mei Zhumai
Michael Chen
Ming Fung
Nancy Lee
Ngoc Nguyen
Nora Chan
Paul Lee
Peter Hoang
Phil Lam
Pui Leung
Royal Tan

Sean Hsu
Stephanie Mah
Sue-May Eng
Tony Wu
Tyra Wong
Qiu Feng Peng
Winston Leung
Wei Chang
Yau Keun Wong
Yeeman Lee
Ying Guo
Ying Mei Chen
Ying Peng Wei
Zhao Juquan
Zhao You Feng
Zhao You Huan